About Us

LSQ ACFI Consultants can show you how easy and affordable it is to ensure your facility is receiving the maximum entitled funding for your Organization.

With a combined experience in Aged Care of over 35 years in Australia, our Consultants can take the mystery out of ACFI as well as ensuring your staff receive ongoing support and become proficient at ACFI assessments to maintain your funding level. We are passionate about providing quality Aged Care and have now assisted many organisations in the Aged Care industry.

Having worked in various roles in Aged Care, our Consultants know what it is like, on a day to day basis, they have experienced and understand the pressures, the frustration as well as the joy of working with Residents and Aged Care Staff. This puts LSQ Consultants in the unique position of being able to apply ACFI in the "real world". Our clinical and financial experience in aged care is what makes a difference.

Our goal is to enable your staff to understand ACFI and continue getting the correct ACFI amount for your Residents. We do not submit your Residents ACFI claims or complete the required assessments, this would mean we would have to return year after year to provide this same service costing your facility more money. Ongoing support is provided..

The benefits of increased Government Funding based on providing more care to your Residents allows you to

  • Increase staffing levels.

  • Increase salary and wage levels.

  • Generate operating surpluses for future development.

  • Provide resources to ensure funding is maximized at all times.

We have been able to provide Resident Reviews which has increased our Clients ACFI Subsidies by tens of millions of dollars per year. To date we have not had any downgrades. We support your staff before and after validation and would challenge any downgrades on your behalf.