Training & Review process

ACFI One day Workshop

Learning Objectives: Staff will be given an overview of how the ACFI works, what their role is in relation to ACFI documentation and how they can improve funding levels at their facility.

We introduce a program which we have personally developed aimed at increasing income by providing Residents with relevant and appropriate care to enhance their quality of life.

While our focus is on increasing ACFI, we have found that by combining the requirements of ACFI with the Quality of Care Principals 1997 processes, we have designed a program that assists us in not only maximizes government funding but also allows us to ensure the facility is compliant with relevant legislation relating to the specific questions in the ACFI.

LSQ ACFI Consultants will provide ongoing support to your staff. We do not allow claims to be submitted on false information and will not pressure your staff to do so. Our reputation is important to us.

ACFI review process

Our Consultants work with your staff reviewing Residents funding levels. Your staff are able to apply ACFI concepts to their Residents and develop a greater understanding of how they can become proficient in their role regarding ACFI.

We then provide the facility with a comprehensive ACFI summary and ACFI worksheet for each Resident ACFI increase. These tools are designed simplify documentation, making it easier for staff to document.

The ACFI summary outlines what the staff need to be aware of in regards to their Residents current care needs. Also outlined is what documentation is required for the ACFI pack, and how staff should be documenting, this assist with care planning. The ACFI summary is designed as a tool all staff should contribution to and use, to ensure the facility is claiming the correct funding as well as providing appropriate quality care.

In addition to our ACFI One day Workshop and ACFI review process, we offer our Clients the following session while we are at your facility.

ACFI ADLs, Continence and Behaviours: 1 hour
Ideal for all staff who were unable to attend the ACFI One day Workshop. Staff will get a brief overview of ACFI and then in depth emphasis on the first two domains of ACFI covering questions 1-5, ADLs and Continence and Behaviours questions 5, 7-9.

ACFI in practice: Medication, Complex Health Care & Clinical Care: 1 hour
This session focuses on ACFI questions 11 and 12: Medications and Complex Health Care procedures. Suitable for RNs, ENs, AINs, PCs, Physiotherapists and Therapy staff.